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Our baby-friendly aqualand is a great adventure for even the littlest ones.Getting ready is made easy with the changing rooms equipped with useful things like large shower stalls and changing cabins, built-in baby baths and a safe baby corner.

This class is for experienced babies who regularly attend swimming class, and whose parents already mastered the exercises.

With the pass and the tickets, only the hotel's experience pools can be used during class times.

There have been several attempts made to establish cricket in Hungary, arguably dating back as far as the time of the famous king Mathias Hunyadi (reigned 1458-1490), who took a liking to the game when it was introduced to him by Italians, who had seen it in England.

Games were regularly played in his renaissance court. However, during the Hungarian economic golden age before WWI, cricket was played by members of the high aristocracy, and there was even a cricket shop in Budapest!

In these playful classes they can also learn baby swimming with ease.

Play take the spotlight in this class, where we spend more time under the water than over it.

Unfortunately the game once again faded away, when Dr. You can read more about this period in an article from July 2000 on ESPN

Today’s HCA – it all started in 2006 The HCA as we know it today was initiated by the work of Andy Grieve.

Look for the baby swimming camps in our current offers!

Meklējiet, salīdziniet, novērtējiet un rezervējiet 7 vietas Bika viesnīcas, jauniešu viesmītnes un citas naktsmītnes ar atlaidēm tīmekļvietnē

Want to study the Stoller-method for baby swimming in an intense course?


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