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When Josh moved out of their house into a duplex, we had family dinners and celebrated holidays together to ease the transition for the girls.

While friends and family shook their heads in bafflement, we forged our relationship based on mutual respect, empathy and an overpowering love for those two beautiful children.

I was sort of hoping she’d sob and weep some more at her loss, but this “come for dinner” thing threw me. My smugness feels huge and ungainly next to her kindness.

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There was no imbalance in our love for one another, and we shared the same values and sense of humor.

It turns out that Josh’s refusal to calculate — and my distrust in my ability to calculate — led us to the best decision of our lives: to do what it would take to be together. We can be besties later, and you can tell everyone how losing your marriage was For The Best, because you failed to sufficiently appreciate Josh. (But not that horrible.) About a month later, he told Beka about me.

But I was wrestling with shame as I realized how many of my spectacularly bad decisions had been influenced by mental illness.

I had to learn how to trust others and myself, and at times it felt like I would never get there. “I am married to a wonderful, successful, beautiful woman,” he said. But I’m not, so I have decided that I am not going to calculate anymore.” As we spent more time together, everything about our relationship felt natural.

It was as if I had been saving my maternal love for Rose and Alice, who were then 7 and 3.

One day they brought tears to my eyes when, after a raucous game of me holding them upside down and tickling them, we snuggled on the couch to watch a movie. “I’m so glad you’re part of my family.”Beka was the one who worked the hardest to make me part of the family.

But that meant inflicting undeserved pain on others. I’ve never felt so horrible in my life.” Who’s the powerhouse NOW, Beka? This time, her anger was not tinged by sorrow; she was furious.

On a sticky Sunday in August, when Josh and Beka’s children were staying with his mother, he asked her for a divorce. Then she grew so angry that she shook.“I could handle her anger,” he said. It’s unthinkable for me to dismantle all we’ve built. After hours of shouting, however, she began to feel better than she had since Josh first mentioned divorce. ” I didn’t see how a dinner could be pulled off without the whole thing erupting in open conflict or stalling into awkward silence. “I had to meet you,” Beka said as she opened the door.

Watch it be one of the loudmouths.” We both laughed and sipped our wine.

Beka is my boyfriend’s wife, and the girls are their children.

She invited me to birthday parties and smoothed the socially turbulent waters by introducing me to friends who had been indignant on her behalf.

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