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Results of a survey on teen domestic violence undertaken by Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU) in March 2006 should cause us not only to be alarmed but should also prompt us to start taking concrete action to address the disturbing problem of teen dating violence.

Shockingly, the study finds that a large number of teens involved in dating relationships experience violence from their partners and consider this to be normal.

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Ask youself this question if you are a teen or young adult: Because of their intense insecurity, abusers and aggressors mostly displace their unhealthy psychological condition onto their partners. I started dating a guy whom I felt was charming and fun.

This displaced aggression may show in the form of blaming the other person about their own failures and mistakes, and threatening to kill or hurt their partners should they decide to leave.

The duration of the relationship does not determine whether abuse can or has occurred.

Rather, regardless of whether the relationship is a one-night stand or ongoing, abuse or violence is shown to take place in short and long-term teenage dating relationships.

These teens also lose focus and, hence, tend to earn low grades.

If professional intervention is not initiated, the problem of teen abuse can have far more serious consequences like suicide attempts, depression, alcohol and drug use, eating disorders and generally the inability to establish themselves in chosen careers, education or healthy relationships later in life. I guess to give you a little bit of input into my life before I begin, I will tell you that I had to grow up fast. DC and Sexual Abuse Story From Hilary Not rated yet It all started when I was a freshman in High School.While the Grosmaire and Mc Bride families have a poignant message of forgiveness and love to share, I cannot overlook that this story is also about teen dating violence.Ann Grosmaire died on Good Friday, April 2, 2010, five days after Conor Mc Bride shot her during a prolonged argument at his parents' home."Conor intended to commit suicide with the one shell he put in the gun.She and Conor were full-time students at Tallahassee Community College, working on associate degrees.Type "Conor Mc Bride" into the Tallahassee Democrat archives, and you'll find news items dating back to May 2007, when he was chosen to participate in the Youth Leadership Tallahassee program.They weren't just good kids; Ann and Conor were leaders.

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