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Waltham also made some cases and if you look on the inside of the case you will see AWco.

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Silver refers to English Sterling Silver, imported Silver of various grades with or without English hallmarks and very occasionally Filled Silver - see listing for details. S816 Omega, Silver 15J 1906 355S858 JB&F Omega, Nickel Silver 7J 1897 270S822 Tavannes 919 Lepine, Gold 15J 1937/8 300S746 Cyma Admiral, Silver 21J 1926 375S864 Tavannes, Silver 15J c1920 290S863 Cyma 999, Silver 17J 1936/7 315S659 Cyma 999, Silver 15J 1929 265S853 DF&C (Revue), Gold 15J c1920 305S549 Gaydon & Sons (Vertex / Revue), Silver 15J 1924 290S712 Limit No2 (Revue), Silver 15J 1937 250S835 Bren, Silver 15J 1925 285S781 Unsigned Swiss, Silver 15J Half Hunter,c1910 380Dress & Fob Watches.

"Silveroid" is the trade name of a Nickel Alloy, in this list I use it generically to cover all variants such as Ore Silver, Silveroid etc. Stock at Brackley is also available online but is listed separately. W676 Waltham 1894-220, Gold 15J 1918 270With the number of display cabinets and stands at the Brackley Antiques Cellar together with the large number of items sold each day it would be totally impractical for the staff to tell me when items have sold, so I usually have to go there to see what has sold, updates on Brackley stock will therefore be less frequent.

Ten minutes after purchase, I took it to the local range. For starters, I found the original patent (click on the Patent Info links in the green bar above) as well as a bunch of early 20th century advertising for the Savage Pocket Auto.

I decided to do some research to see what I could find out about my Savage 1907 pistol.

In some cases these are hinged around the 6 o’clock position.

In other cases you can open the back by pushing down on the crown of the watch and it will release the cover.Click on the links in the green bar above to learn more about this interesting pocket pistol.Enjoy the site but please keep in mind that I'm not an expert, I do not buy or sell guns or parts, and I can't begin to put a value on your gun.To sell a gun, or to get an idea of what it's worth, go to the "Links" page and click on the link to one of the gun auction sites. If you do contact me, please do so with the intention of forwarding me something I can put on this site; if not, at least thank me - this was a lot of work and it's not like I make money at this.If you feel an overwhelming need to contact me, go to the Links page, click on the link for The High Road forum and register. The best place to start in terms of identification is to find out what type of watch you actually have. Co along with Waltham, Mass somewhere on the actual movement. Once open then check the serial numbers on the movement below and this should identify the date your watch was made.


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