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Working with some of South Africa’s top wine producers, combined with our expert knowledge and experience, passion, flexibility, and extensive international network, we deliver quality wines to your specifications and timeframes.We also support farms which adhere to and promote ethical farming practices, ensuring a sustainable future for your products and the industry.We offer a vast knowledge of the South African wine market along with extensive experience, ensuring a competitive advantage.

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This Cinsault is made from 40 year old bush vines, of which only ten barrels have been produced.

TRADE ENQUIRY Since the late 1400s, The Merchants had been coming to the Cape of Storms to find fame and fortune.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you require quality South African wines in bulk.

We will be sure to source and supply the best wines for your requirements.

He married Maria Elizabeth Joosten who then joined him and subsequently gave birth to their son, Rasmus – the first of nine children.

Until his death in 1731, Erasmus paved the way for what today thrives as green-stretching vineyards.

The Nature Reserve draws inspiration from this wondrous biodiversity, tapping into the essence of the natural environment where the grapes are grown.

The brand is Fairtrade certified, environmentally- and socially responsible. Roman queen of the gods, divine protectress and symbol of eternal youth. She wears a goat’s skin to symbolise her combatant force, while her chariot is drawn by peacocks who safeguard her.

However, once through the storms, the reward was obvious: the climate was perfect for cultivating the very best wine.


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