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It does not offer formal recommendations for action.

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The high school years, in particular, can be a prime time for dealing with these issues, when dating, and the desire to date, are foremost in the minds of adolescents.

During this time they can be given the spiritual foundation that helps them to make informed, faith-filled and life-giving choices throughout their lives.

Religious education, parish based catechetical programs, and chastity curricula in elementary schools are all part of this effort.

(NCCB/USCC, Fall 1999), a directory of available materials that follow Catholic teaching, can be a helpful resource.

Nonetheless, to understand and respond to them one must appreciate some aspects of the broader phenomenon of cohabitation.

This, in turn, is set within a context of widespread sexual activity outside of marriage.

He recognizes that various factors can lead a couple into a free union.

These include difficult economic, cultural or religious situations, extreme ignorance or poverty, and a certain psychological immaturity that makes couples afraid to enter into a permanent union.

In order to develop the second section, Committee staff collected marriage preparation policies representing 129 dioceses from around the country.

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