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It is proof that even same-sex marriages are not perfect, and while this is an extreme, I’m sure that some lesbian couples find themselves just falling out of love with each other, or just being unable to get along no matter how hard they try or what they do after so many years. And when this occurs, there should be an out where one doesn’t have to compromise their own morals or principles to do it, or be forced to live in a loveless marriage that after a while feels more like a jail sentence than anything. Staying married, once you get married, is important.

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They didn’t want to come out against divorce completely, presumably because there are so many of their own — in their families, their friends, even congregations in their churches — who had been through a divorce.

Nobody wants to be told they might not be able to get out of a bad marriage should that marriage end up being a bad one, no matter how little they wish to admit it.

However, it does severely limit the grounds for divorce.

Mostly it seems that the grounds are as follows: That’s it.

It isn’t always an unwillingness to get along, but an inability.

However, not all such marriages include the type of grievances that are set aside in a covenant marriage as the only real grounds for divorce.

If one could be assured that all, or at least the vast majority of marriages would not end up broken, I would be less alarmed by the idea that so many people are now wanting the implementation of covenant marriage, or at least for it to be an option. With the rates for divorce being what they are, I don’t think I’d want to take the chance. A lesbian couple could easily find themselves in such a position.

I read an article the other day about a woman, for example, who was in a committed relationship with her partner.

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Marriage counselors are often a great asset, but even this method does not work sometimes.


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