Dating website for polygamists

Launched on April 12 this year, Ayo Poligami came equipped with, as its name implies, a polygamy-related feature: a column in which a member could disclose their marital status along with a disclaimer of their spouse's permission to be polygamous.

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“At first, we developed a dating website for singles, but during the development period, the issue of polygamy arose,” said Lindu.

Based on his observations, polygamy can destroy a marriage when the husband does not inform his wife about the intention to have a second wife. Ayo Poligami is said to be designed for those looking for a serious relationship.

During their research, Elma and Miranti encountered different types of men.

Elma said not all members joined Ayo Poligami with their spouse's permission.

Lindu also shared that he met his wife, whom he married on Sept.

10, via the app, which gave him the motivation to continue developing the online dating service.In regards to the user experience design (UX) and user interface design (UI), both were reported as having frequently lagged.“The interface, which was dominated by a dark-colored tone, was too much as it showed a husband with a few wives,” said Miranti, a digital art director for a private company.Chaiwala said in an email that filtered settings may affect the total number of users you see, and that the site's membership recently broke 5,000 users.Polygamy has long been a subject of controversy in Indonesia, so when online dating website-cum-application Ayo Poligami was launched, it quickly caught the attention of internet users.“I wanted it to be a trusted online dating website,” he said.


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