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The value of the documentation node is a sequence of one or more documents.Each document is a map that MUST have exactly two key-value pairs described in following table: The OPTIONAL base Uri node specifies a URI as an identifier for the API as a whole, and MAY be used the specify the URL at which the API is served (its service endpoint), and which forms the base of the URLs of each of its resources.

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The OPTIONAL documentation node includes a variety of documents that serve as user guides and reference documentation for the API.

Such documents can clarify how the API works or provide technical and business context.

An alias for the equivalent "types" node for compatibility with RAML 0.8. An annotation is a map having a key that begins with "(" and ends with ")" where the text enclosed in parentheses is the annotation name, and the value is an instance of that annotation.

Deprecated - API definitions SHOULD use the "types" node because a future RAML version might remove the "schemas" alias with that node. The resources of the API, identified as relative URIs that begin with a slash (/).

RAML fragment documents begin similarly with the RAML version comment and a fragment identifier, but are not in themselves RAML API definition documents.

The media type SHALL be used to designate files containing RAML API definitions, RAML fragments, and files that contain RAML markup.The consensus of specification authors and RAML 0.8 users determines the contents of this document.We strongly recommend that implementers and users of the RAML 0.8 specification update their software and API definitions to the RAML 1.0 specification.Processors MUST also preserve the order of items within arrays.This example shows a small part of a RAML API definition for the Git Hub v3 public API.RAML is also capable of including documents of other media types, such as “application/schema json” and “application/yaml”.


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