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It's been nearly impossible to avoid the hype surrounding the 36 questions to fall in love. Although educators are private citizens, they are also in the public eye (or, at least, the eyes of their students, parents, and administrators).

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It should be your most professional-appearing social profile.

Share things you wouldn’t mind your superintendent seeing. If you must converse unprofessionally, make a fake account that doesn’t use anything attributable to you. And your You Tube You Tube is owned by Google, so out of all the social networking sites, it is the one that is most easily searched.

Above all else, follow your district’s social media policies. Google yourself regularly The easiest way to see your online footprint is to do the first thing someone else would do – Google yourself.

Try all variations of your name and common misspellings.

If you’re using online dating sites, make sure the barrier to entry is quite high for students – meaning that it costs serious money to join.

Use different handles for everything If someone has the same handle for all of their social networking, it can be easy to trace the link from one to another.With the growth of social media and its numerous platforms, it can be tricky for teachers to toe the line between responsible use and giving away too much information.Some platforms are great for professional development and promotion, others automatically come with a negative connotation.Set it so only friends can see your information and pictures.You may want to go as far as to set up a test account to see what a stranger would be able to see from your real account.Elite Singles is the leading dating site for Kiwi professionals.


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