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Over the course of a year, it spread to Vietnam, Singapore, India, Australia, Europe, the US, Japan, Africa and South America.

Official performance data this summer already revealed that nearly four million patients were waiting for routine operations in June.

In 2015, Government figures suggested that the winter flu played a part in more than 16,000 deaths.

Only 577 deaths were recorded in the previous winter.

The elderly with their compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible, and a spike in cases among children between the ages of five and nine was also noted.

The comments come as a separate poll found that more than nine in 10 health and care leaders across England are ‘concerned’ about their organisation’s ability to cope this winter.

NHS Confederation found only 8 per cent of chief executives were confident that their organisation would cope well throughout the season.

Some 131 health leaders were surveyed from acute hospital trusts, community services and mental health trusts.‘The health and care system in England is in a fragile state and it is fair to say many organisations will struggle to meet expectations over the next few months,’ said Niall Dickson, chief executive of NHS Confederation – a membership body for NHS providers and commissioners.‘Last year it was said that the service was ‘just about coping’, but for many of our members this year looks more challenging.‘Not only is there the prospect of ongoing pressure – high bed occupancy and delayed transfers of care blockages – but the worry too of a serious flu attack combined with bad weather.’ The flu season in the UK and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere tends to mirror what has happened in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

This was responsible for the swine flu outbreak in 2009.

The Aussie flu is transforming quickly, but not fast enough for experts to describe it as a shift. Professor Robert Booy, an expert on infectious diseases at the University of Sydney, said the strain will likely reach Britain through travellers.

They have already stressed that the H3N2 strain could pose the same threat to humanity as the Hong Kong flu in 1968, which killed one million people.


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