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Today’s dating world brings about all types of relationships, from friends-with-benefits and booty calls to serious and long-term romantic connections.

The people involved are not getting to know each other beyond a superficial level, and building a deeper connection may not have much importance if neither person is planning on being there for the long haul.

According to Coleman, shallow relationships are more common among people during their college years because students are concentrating on getting an education and generally want to stay uncommitted for a variety of reasons.

“I’m too busy for a boyfriend right now, and I don’t think he wants to be tied down either.”There can be a kind of “safety” in shallow relationships; people never really have to be vulnerable or reveal who they truly are, because they do not need to build an emotional connection with their partner.

And, since there is no attachment, the chances of getting hurt are significantly less—or so it would seem.

We’re talking programs so exclusive they often require a manuscript application.

No school can guarantee you’ll be the next great American author, but these ten will get you pretty damn close.

“Both of us know that we’re using each other, so there’s no commitment,” he said.

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