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She further based her subdivision on differences in the material culture.

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They were cleaned, part of their fittings dismantled, and refilled.

During the refilling, objects that obviously had a great importance to PPN people were deposited in the filling [link].

Projectile points from Göbekli Tepe include PPN A types like el-Khiam, Helwan and Aswad points; regarding the PPNB, Byblos and Nemrik points are very frequent, Nevalı Çori points are rare.

They clearly show that the site was in use beginning from the PPN A and into the PPN B.

Layer II is characterized by smaller buildings with rectangular groundplans.

They sometimes also have pillars that are much smaller than the older ones however.Of course we have a larger number of scientific publications on the topic, and more are under way as we type this.Yet academic publication sometimes needs its time and not everyone has access to a well-sorted research library.A closer examination of the points reveals, however, that characteristic forms of the latest PPN B are missing.Göbekli Tepe was abandoned after the middle PPN B, i.e. That is the time when agriculture finally is fully established; the demise of a hunter-gatherer site would thus fit in this general picture.It seems like every day there's a new form of online dating.

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