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By this we can see that to embrace the Rastafari way of life is a responsibility and commitment of the heart. Rasta “know”that Jah created heaven and earth, the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, and he parted the Red Sea for the Israelites.

“Jah” is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob spoken about in the scriptures of the Christian Bible.

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Rasta Livity is a commitment of love and honour to and for Jah, the Almighty Creator of all living things all the days of our life. If someone wants to give a Rasta a hug we do not refuse it. The reason is that we feel that Jah made man, and when he made man he gave them natural roots and herbs for their ailments. Rasta takes herbs, roots and vitamins for most health issues.

Some more ways Rasta show love is by being there for our friends and families, and Spending time in and surrounded by nature, to show Jah, the creator we love and appreciate the land he has given us. As long as a person is not “hurting life” or “taking life”, one should live as one chooses. Here is an excerpt from my new book Jah Rastafari Beliefs and Way of life This section is for those new to Rastafari who may be concerned about what to say when asked “Why are you a Rasta? Many of us have natural health and healing books readily available in our homes.

25 Bend your shoulders and carry her, and do not fret under her bonds.

26 Come to her with all your soul, and keep her ways with all your might.

27 Search out and seek, and she will become known to you; and when you get hold of her, do not let her go.

28 For at last you will find the rest she gives, and she will be changed into joy for you.

Rasta allows Jah to “use us” as his instruments, to provide help, hope assistance whenever the opportunity presents itself. I strongly recommend having a book in your home on natural medicine to help guide you into natural medicine and healing awareness.

Rasta always say “yes” to opening the door for others, to carrying a grocery bag, to lending money to those who ask. Fasting for spiritual Health as Rastafari Many people do not consider the spirit to be part of the health of the body.

My hope is that you seek to uplift your self in spiritual truth and to embrace a faith that increases patience, love, wisdom, “overstanding,” spiritual awareness, & self centeredness.


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