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But it would not appear that crokinole actually developed within any of the Mennonite or Amish communities.

As noted above, the oldest known crokinole board in the world was manufactured in 1876 by Perth County, Ontario, craftsman, Eckhardt Wettlaufer.

Was crokinole originally a Mennonite or Amish game? While some reference works (including my own 1988 first edition of The Crokinole Book.) may have intimated such, there exist no factual data that would prove such a notion.

Yes, crokinole has been very popular among many Mennonite and Amish sects throughout Canada and the United States by reason of the fact that the game was viewed as a rather innocuous pastime-unlike the perception that diversions such as card playing or dancing were 'works of the Devil'as held by many 19th century Protestant groups.

Is there an international standard size for crokinole boards and discs ?

The World Crokinole Championship (now moving toward their 7th annual event) recognizes the use of round crokinole boards with approximately the following specifications: This standard is neither new nor something defined solely for the WCC event.Does it matter if the outer frame of my crokinole board is square, octagonal or round ? The games that no doubt contributed to the arrival of crokinole seem to be the 16th century British games of shovelboard-from which modern-day shuffleboard descends, the17th century pub game shove ha'penny, and the Victorian parlour game of squails that appeared in England during the second quarter of the 19th century. What is the history and background of the game of crokinole?As of mid-2002, this international standard is now being manufactured by crokinole game board makers in Canada, United States, Germany, England and Australia.International standard disc size has been set at 32mm diameter x 10mm thick .5 mm Can I enjoy the game on a crokinole board that has smaller (non-international) dimensions ? Since the mid-1890s, crokinole boards have been manufactured in many sizes.Is there an international standard size for crokinole boards and discs ? Earlier Canadian written sources detail the game from the mid-1860's.

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