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When to Use It You'll want to use i Phone recovery mode when: How to Know When to Restore Your i Phone The silver Apple logo has been onscreen, with no change, for many minutes.

It's worth knowing that restoring your i Phone via recovery mode will delete all data on the device (if you go through the entire process; exiting recovery mode before completing a restore leaves your data intact), so it's best to sync the device to backup your data, if you can, before following these instructions. Connect the USB cable used to sync your device to your computer, but do not connect it to your i Phone. Turn your i Phone off by holding down the sleep/hold button in the top right corner until the slider appears at the top. If your phone won't respond to that, hold the sleep/wake button and the home button together until the screen goes dark. When the phone is off, hold down the home button and connect the USB cable (which should still be attached to your computer) to the dock connector. If the red empty battery icon appears onscreen, let the phone charge for a few minutes and then restart this process. When the phone is in recovery mode, a window will pop up in i Tunes saying that the phone is in recovery mode and needs to be restored.

However, it doesn't cross the bridge from amateur to pro-grade solution – and again, it's only available for Windows PCs.

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As a result, what Affinity Photo lacks in beginner-friendliness, it makes up for in top-end features and a power-packed, fully customisable interface.

Adding to the attraction, Serif has also developed a companion graphic design package for the Mac, which goes by the name of Affinity Designer.

When you run these utilities, they offer an option to enter or exit recovery mode - it's a simple case of clicking the button with your i Phone or i Pad already connected to your PC via a USB used when updating or restoring an i Phone that is otherwise unresponsive.

It is also used by some Jailbreaking techniques but you can also use it to recover a seemingly dead i Phone.

Designed from the ground up for Macs, this is a fast, efficient and genuine Photoshop alternative.

It's also remarkable value, and will appeal to those who aren't persuaded by Adobe's subscription model.

In some circumstances, though, the problems are more extensive and require putting the device into recovery mode and restoring it.

While this article mostly refers to the i Phone, the tips in it apply to all i OS devices: i Phone, i Pod touch, and i Pad.

The name Serif has been synonymous with budget-priced, Windows-based desktop publishing, image-editing and vector drawing programs for the last couple of decades.


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