Robert pattinson and tom sturridge dating

Instead, Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee has been tasked with the investigation – sparking fears of a whitewash.Labour MP Paul Flynn, a member of the home affairs select committee, said: ‘It’s essential that we have a full judge-led inquiry independent of political input.

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"He is filming in Canada at the moment for 'On The Road'," a representative for Tom told them.

Sure, being friends with Rob and therefore Kristen probably didn't hurt in his being cast, but still, anyone who has seen "Pirate Radio" knows he's got some acting chops on him.

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The Senate committee's report revealed gruesome details about the CIA's torture programme, but all references to its allies such as Britain were redacted.

Dear Rob and Tom Sturridge- Recently some amazing pictures surfaced of you two strolling through the streets of New York on what could only be called: a man-date…

The look in your sunglassed eyes as you gazed longingly at each other, the matching “we have no clue about fashion or colors palettes” outfits, and the obvious 4 day stink you undoubtedly shared could only mean ONE thing: You’re in love!

Tom Sturridge, who is best known in films as main character Carl from "Pirate Radio" (called "The Boat That Rocked" everywhere but the US), is arguably as famous for his film roles as he is for being one of Robert Pattinson's best friends.

The gossip industry was going crazy earlier this week when photos of Tom and Rob's alleged girlfriend Kristen Stewart were seen in Montreal, where Kristen is shooting "On The Road." Why was "Tom Stu" in Montreal?

In advance of its publication, there were 22 meetings between the Senate committee and the UK’s ambassador to Washington.


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