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Few are able to live alone for any substantial amount of time and will cling to any unsuspecting woman who happens to glace in their direction.One lover will never be enough to satisfy this man who constantly looks over the fence and beyond for greener pastures. Uhh...before you hand over your house key, once he's wormed his way into your life BUT GOOD, he will literally "seize" any sense of asylum you've sought to preserve in your humble dwelling.As long as those relationships don't infringe on the time or any attention which may otherwise be directed towards him, he'll not intervene but, as soon as it does, you will be expected to do away with them. You will be expected to rely solely upon him for all of your emotional, social and interpersonal needs, for whatever that's worth..he brushes that puppy off your lap. This is partly due to the fact that they spread themselves out so thin, they can hardly keep their crap together. Don't you dare do something that they can bring up and smear your face in at a later date because if you do, you will NEVER hear the end of it!!!!! He'll know every dirty detail right down to tiniest bloody skidmark! In their book, there isn't a problem in the world that a good shagging can't alleviate, and as one I know likes to say, "There isn't anything a little penicillin can't cure". Extremely flirtatious, even while you are standing next to him. They don't REALLY care about what you're talking about.

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Until you prove to serve a purpose to him, he'll be MIA. They fundamentally lack the patience, compassion and empathy required to be supportive during a crisis when it concerns you. If you have children, whether his or yours from a previous relationship, he will expect you to put his needs first above theirs. As fathers, they're either "all over the place" in every aspect of their parenting style, "absent", or a delightful combination of both. Everything is always everybody elses fault and they throw frequent pity parties for themselves so, you better be there with bells on because you'll surely become the object of ridicule. We'll call it "Fantasy Phone": Let's make his friends believe you're fighting with him on the phone so they'll think you're a complete *******.

Their take on this is, "I don't have time for this ****" or "I can't be around unhappy people" So I suggest you put on your "*******" lipstick and be ready to please him with a gracious smile on your face because that's the ONLY way he wants to see you. Meanwhile, he pretends to defend himself against your "imaginary argument", all the while shouting at you through the phone, "Calm down babe.

They don't try too hard to impress you after that because they're pretty sure that you've taken as much **** as any of he other ******* have in the past, so why try. He may even insist on sniffing you and/or your panties to make sure you haven't been with another man..

In the end, you will have meant absolutely nothing to him as he shuffles on to his next project that he was already prepping while with you. This is because, since he's out ******* everything under the sun, you must be doing it too.

Don't dote on them too much or he may quickly become jealous. Because he has YOU to do it for him, he doesn't feel he has the need to do it for himself. But by the same token, if you don't do it for him, he'll simply find someone else who will. They have tons of ideas and little projects going on that never seem to come together for them because they lack the self discipline to stay on task. They put things off they'll probably never do today, tomorrow, next week, next year..get the picture. Impulsive, rarely (if ever) taking into consideration how the consequences of their actions effect them, and/or everyone around them.

Same goes for any family member or friend you may have a close relationship with. They pay little attention to detail on a personal level and will promptly assign little responsibilities and duties for you to carry out for them. If you want to know what's going on between "Joe Blow" and "Suzie Cheesecake" on TV or down the street, ask a Leo man. I'm beginning to think they all suffer from ADHD and/or are bi-polar. Generally obsessed with sex, addicted to p-o-r-n , down-low kink, and visit rosie palm on a daily basis.This is especially true if he doesn't really love you. Do question missing articles of clothing, tools and such. Inevitably, he will screw up with your family and he shall forever be disliked by them. They emulate their environment in a desperate effort to 'fit in'..of the way a chameleon changes color to blend into their surroundings. With his this being said, their desperately fragile little hearts will hang in HIS balance as they plead for clarification..the way he likes it. You could be telling him the most compelling story about something and he'll continue to surf the internet and text people until you shut up. He called you "beautiful" Don't think for a moment you're special. Everything you're talking about, at any given time, MUST be about him.This scatterbrain has a habit of leaving his **** at the homes of his concubines. Must be the center of attention at all times, so get out of the way...you're casting a shadow on his stage. He calls them all "beautiful" so as to avoid confusion with names. If you're on the phone and he's in the same room with you, you're obviously talking about him. Like cops, they never seem to be around when you need them most and when they are, they aren't much help to you anyway.. They are easily bored with repetition/normalcy, which to them, symbolizes a form of imprisonment or stagnancy. You try your best to sift the truth out of the crap he just told you because buried deep within the catacombs, lies a half-truth.After all the cha-ching is gone and they've eaten all your food, ****** your house up, taken a nap and molded permanent sweat impressions into the cushions of your couch...they'll split. They have a tendency to be fundamentally unhappy people, but have no problem drowning you in their misery while feeding on your energy until you don't know who the hell you are anymore.You can then plan on spending the remainder of your day (or weekend) disinfecting, washing the funk out of your sheets, scraping toothpaste off the mirrors and wiping up puddles of ****. Psychic leeches who have no qualms about instantly distancing themselves from you during your time of need.sed upon my own experiences, perceptions and observations of Leo men throughout my life..a bit of a humorous Scorpio twist.

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