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Howard said nothing would be more pathetic than getting someone to sleep with him for a job. Howard played a bit they created with fake Caitlyn and fake Harvey. He gave them a plug for that and said you can get half off with promo code ''Cocktober.'' Howard said it's time to celebrate Cocktober. Howard said they have a mission now and George has to pay attention. Howard talked about how thrilling it was for him too. Howard said he probably made a bunch of dough and he wants to hang out. Howard said Beth has a million horror stories from her modeling days.

Howard said he heard Harvey is at some rehab in Arizona. Howard said Harvey is only the second guy to be voted out. Howard spent a short time talking to him about being a porn star. Howard said he's busy looking at the cock in the room. Howard said he has to judge the cocks on their performance. Howard said next up they have Michael Fassbender and Robert De Niro. Howard said next up they have Daniel Craig and Justin Bieber. Howard said they also had a lot of feedback about Name that Splooge on yesterday's show. Howard said he likes these guys who retire and have a heart attack 2 weeks later. Howard said he's not speaking for her about that stuff.

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He said it's really tough to hang in there with it. He said it opens your eyes to the way of doing things. Howard took a call from fake Harvey who was asking Robin about how her slot is and things like that. Robin said the woman who plays Sersi on Game of Thrones allegedly had a run in with Harvey Weinstein where he tried to lure her up to his hotel room.

Howard talked to fake Harvey audio clips for a short time. Robin said they had a faulty room key and she got away because of that. Robin read a story about the Weinstein company firing Harvey and he's now resigned from the board. Howard did his impression of Harvey calling in from rehab. He said he knows he doesn't sound like that but it's funnier that way.

He said he's going to pick out the greatest celebrity cock of all time. Howard asked if the character had something to do with an internment camp. Howard said here were Japanese American internment camps. George said the episode was written by this Keith guy and some of the events in the episode were inspired by him on the show.

Howard asked George if he has any special Cocktober announces. He said the doctor told him he made a remarkable recovery. Howard said he's going to be doing some great Cocktober stuff. Howard said they have more cock than George could ever dream about. Howard told him about a couple and said he'll get to see a couple of cocks today. Howard said they had some guys in there who sang for them. George asked if he knows a guy named Keith Heisler. George said he did an episode of ''Fresh off the Boat'' and he had something to do with it.

Howard said they had Harvey in there and he asked him about doing the mogul thing asking chicks to blow him for jobs. Howard said she made it seem like it was no big deal. Howard said there's a lot of pedophilia going on too. Howard said he's not sure how Harvey had time for this. He said that's not the way to get them to like you. Howard said if he could have an honest conversation with Harvey right now that's what he'd ask about. He said he'd think you'd want to look at the women. Howard said he's not sure how you get naked in front of a woman and have them watch you shower. Howard said she gave up and tossed away her whole dream after that. Robin said he wrecked the ones who went along with it too. George was saying it turns him on that Johnny was kind of shy. Howard thanked the boys and gave them another plug before letting them go. Fred was playing George saying ''Viva La Penis'' in the French way. Howard said he thinks it would have to do with a male chicken as a cock. She said it could have come from either of those places. Howard said they got a lot of great feedback about Robert Plant on the show. Howard took a call from fake Harvey Weinstein audio clips and talked to him about this stuff.

Howard said there were rumors about it but there was no evidence of it. Howard said oddly enough no one has come on to him. Howard said they were wondering if they could hear a tape of Caitlyn taking on Harvey and Harvey runs out of the room. Howard asked if Johnny has had the casting couch thing happen. Howard asked if Austin took anything for his cock today. Howard took a call from a guy who claimed he was his counselor in Camp Welmet. Howard read through some of the mail they got about that interview. Howard said that Tom Joyner has collected over 7 million frequent flyer miles. Robin read more about the Jennifer Lawrence story and had more details about the weird stuff she's had to go through.

Howard said they get scared and they're alone and think they can get ruined. Robin said when you're in that position you can lose your job and the guy who did it keeps his job. She said she used to love when she came on his show. Howard said he has to get an invisibility bubble there. George said if they're in his home or he's in theirs then they know they're kindred. George said they might have had to do some persuasion. Robin said over 40 lives have been lost in the past 10 days due to those wild fires. Robin read a story about the aftermath of the shooting in Las Vegas.

Howard said he's glad this came out and they're doing something. Howard said Sandra has a show on Radio Andy and she saw him in the halls. Howard said he does 4 hours on his show and he wants to say no. Howard said they're going to have George judge some celebrity cocks. Howard said their friends at Mr have helped them out with this. Robin said people are still in the hospital and they need money to help treat people who were injured.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked Robin if the women in this case have to have some kind of protection when they come out. Howard said it is Cocktober so they're going to have a lot of cock fun after the break. am After the break Howard came right back and had George do an announce. Howard said George has projects in the works and he loves Cocktober. Robin read a story about how 11 million men in the United States have oral human papaloma virus. Robin said it can lead to cancer in the head, neck and throat. Howard said that hurricane killed 3 people in Ireland. Robin read a story about the wild fires in California and how they haven't figured out the cause yet.

He asked if they're guilty for waiting 10-15 years. am Howard took a call from a woman who asked him to go on Sandra Bernhard's show. Howard played a promo for Cocktober and went to break. Howard said he's there for Cocktober today but he can't be with them the whole month. Howard said George has grabbed cock so he wonders how that works. He said he doesn't think he has had any straight men. Howard asked if he'll see a guy and he tells them he'd like to grab them. George said he has an interesting tattoo over his naval. Robin said they say that power lines can cause fires out there in California.

Howard said he thinks he's going to go for a couple of weeks and ask for a second chance. Howard said the other guy was voted out because he traded his screeners. Howard played a clip of Johnny in a movie called ''The Trainer'' where he plays a trainer. Howard asked about taking it in the ass and things like that. George said there was a time when they were but now it's more subtle. Howard said they have Jason Seagal and Orlando Bloom. George said that he's sure that Orlando is more substantial but he's not in full in that photo. Howard said that Fassbender showed it in Shame and De Niro showed it in 1900. Howard said Craig showed his in Love is the Devil and Justin showed his in public. Howard said they have Eric Andre and Shia La Beouf. Howard asked George what he thinks of Johnny V's cock. Howard read that mail and also had a negative reaction to the Robert Plant interview. Howard said someone was asking for more Medicated Pete on the show too. Robin read a story about Tom Joyner the DJ who used to fly between Dallas and Chicago to do shows. Robin said his age isn't there but they say he's been doing it for 25 years. Robin said if you escape from that you just move on.


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