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A heightened stress response of women with BPD predicted more negative and less positive communication behaviors and a stronger decline in self-rated closeness to the partner compared to HC.

Noi di Civiltà Scomparse abbiamo scoperto l’ esistenza di tre cicli storici diversi e collegati fra loro: uno di 87 anni, uno di 44-45 anni, uno di 25 anni attraverso i quali si verificano eventi storici simili fra loro a quelli del passato.

The United States presidential election of 2016 was the 58th and most recent quadrennial American presidential election. The Republican Party nominee, businessman Donald Trump, and his running mate, incumbent Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, defeated the Democratic Partynominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her running mate, incumbent Senator Tim Kaine.

Bush had alienated much of his conservative base by breaking his 1988 campaign pledge against raising taxes.

The economy was in recession and Bush’s perceived greatest strength, foreign policy, was regarded as much less important following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the relatively peaceful climate in the Middle East after the defeat of Iraq in the Gulf War.

The US Elections Project estimates that 128.8 million Americans cast a ballot in 2016, out of 231 million eligible voters—a turnout rate of 55.6 percent. Clinton had hoped to become the first female president of the United States.

Trump is expected to take office as the 45th President on January 20, 2017; Mike Pence will take office as the 48th Vice President. Senator from New York Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee on July 26, 2016, after defeating U. Nel 1928 venne eletto un uomo dalla personalità e idee simili a quelle di Trump: Herbert Hoover.

Perot’s campaign took 18.9% of the vote, finishing second in Maine and Utah.

This was noted for being the highest vote share of a third-party candidate since 1912, though he did not obtain any electoral votes.

Northeastern, Upper Midwest, and West Coast states which had previously been competitive began voting reliably Democratic.

As of 2016, this is the most recent election in which an incumbent president was unseated, the previous one having been the 1980 election in which Ronald Reagan unseated then-incumbent Jimmy Carter.

Our results highlight the central role of emotional dysregulation in interpersonal dysfunctions of persons with BPD and the need to address individual emotion regulation strategies more explicitly in dyadic contexts.

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