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But it also offers depressing insight into why so many women think they need help.Blakeley's article is based on the claim that women are buying the lion's share of self-help books.Therefore, a book that can give women a competitive social edge, such as bagging the right guy, understanding her teen, sharpening her gossiping skills or learning to differentiate between friend and frenemy, would be eagerly sought out by them Among evolutionary explanations for modern phenomena — already a pretty suspect group — the idea that women have been "engineered" to buy He's Just Not That Into You is especially reductive and silly.

” the percentage of women who said that they would be more likely to have sex actually went down! Don’t worry about little things like your date insisting on paying the check, preferring texting over talking on the phone, or offering you gum on the ride home.

Focus on the big picture: how does your date make you feel? Now stop over analyzing and try to have a good time.

A woman is NOT more likely to sleep with a guy because he pays on a date.

Interestingly enough, when we asked “What if he spends over $100? If your date makes plans with you at the last minute, you are not a backup plan, and who cares if you are? If your date asks you out to coffee rather than a drink it doesn’t mean anything special. Conclusion Our dating tips can be summed up into one single word of wisdom: RELAX.

But assuming that it has to be your goal, and that you have to wait around for a man to make it happen, just reinforces the confining stereotypes that keep self-help authors in business.

If women really want to take control of their lives, they'll stop buying He's Just Not That Into You, and start defining success — personal and professional — for themselves.Imagine if it was the woman who proposed, you'd see a whole slew of books like How to Get Your Lady to Pop the Question.Alpert's statement implies a corollary: Society is set up for women to be passive, and it requires women to get married in order to be deemed successful.Thus it expects something of women while denying them actual control over it — basically, women are supposed to wait around for this socially-constructed metric of personal success to just happen to them.It's no wonder that women seek ways to gain some control over the situation — and self-help books, with their promises of "bagging the right guy," offer that control. First of all, relationships are nowhere near as easy to control as self-help books suggest (The Man Plan, which tells women that they just need to be perfectly groomed and no one will ever break up with them, is a prime example of this).In reality, lots of self-help books play on — and perpetuate — low self-esteem (something gender studies expert BJ Gallagher erroneously tells Forbes is the province of women), and aren't likely to give anyone any kind of "edge" at all.


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