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True, Steve Harvey's Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man comes in at #2, but the top 10 also includes such gender-neutral titles as The Last Lecture, The Total Money Makeover, and office-politics guide Thank God It's Monday!This leads us to suspect that while some of the big-splash hardcovers of the self-help genre may appeal to both genders, publishers are making a lot of their money on paperback copies of the Same Old Shit — variants on How Not to Be Fat, Old, Or Alone, marketed to women.Have you ever returned home from a date feeling on top of the world only to find yourself lying awake hours later, obsessing over every little detail? Here are some highlights from the survey: Universal Truths About Dating 1.

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Our Reading Dating Signals survey could have easily been retitled The Art of Taking Things at Face Value, or more specifically, STOP OVER ANALYZING AND TRY TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.

That’s why last week we released a survey asking 2,000 participants ten questions aimed at decoding your dating signals. The results were unanimous across age and gender lines.

74% of relationship and family books in 2008 were apparently purchased by women, and the Times' latest paperback advice bestseller list is certainly packed with titles targeting women (Hungry Girl 200 Under 200, Skinny Bitch, and How Not To Look Old are a few standouts).

Interestingly, the hardcover advice list appears more diverse.

But it also offers depressing insight into why so many women think they need help.

Blakeley's article is based on the claim that women are buying the lion's share of self-help books.Therefore, a book that can give women a competitive social edge, such as bagging the right guy, understanding her teen, sharpening her gossiping skills or learning to differentiate between friend and frenemy, would be eagerly sought out by them Among evolutionary explanations for modern phenomena — already a pretty suspect group — the idea that women have been "engineered" to buy He's Just Not That Into You is especially reductive and silly.It requires us to believe that hunting isn't social, that women didn't hunt, that what men and women may or may not have done in prehistory determines what we do now (the biggest and dumbest assumption of a lot of evolutionary psychology), that human social life can be understood in terms of "competitive social edge," and that self-help books could actually give a woman such an edge. This kind of obsession will fill you with anxiety and ultimately lead you to your dating demise.If your date is playing with their phone do something interesting or just give up. If the person that you like responds to your texts right away it means that they are more interested in you than if they take more time to respond.But assuming that it has to be your goal, and that you have to wait around for a man to make it happen, just reinforces the confining stereotypes that keep self-help authors in business.

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