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EMDR has been studied as an effective tool for treating combat veterans, survivors of abuse, sexual violence, and other traumatic life events.EMDR can also be helpful for people struggling with low self-worth or insecurity stemming from other or even unknown sources as well.Partners in Health and Wellbeing therapists follow all HIPPA guidelines as it refers to online therapy.

PAIN EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a specific approach to therapy that uses and enhances our mind’s natural healing tools to help people recover from painful or traumatic life experiences.

Our minds always move towards health, but sometimes painful or traumatic life experiences can become “stuck” in a way that overwhelms our mind’s natural healing ability.

We recognize that face-to-face therapy is often difficult due to scheduling issues, workplace and family demands.

This is why we offer our online video therapy to clients nationwide.

These “stuck” memories can form the root system for memory networks that contribute to negative judgement about ourselves that our minds form to make sense of the overwhelming experiences we have faced.

For example, an abused child may begin to believe that “I am bad, I deserve this” as a way to make sense of the trauma happening in their life.

Partners in Health and Wellbeing provides therapeutic services and other mediation services for individuals, groups and families.

We like to say that our therapeutic modalities are “eclectic,” which basically means that we vary our approaches based on the needs of the clients.

We recognize that sometimes family support and issues are complex and can seem overwhelming. Clients often express that they grow tremendously due to the challenges and support that group therapy provides.

We regularly sponsor group therapy sessions which can be billed to your insurance.

Sometimes we incorporate meditation, art, yoga and other modalities with our group sessions to provide you with a diverse and empirically-proven tools to help you grow.


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