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Police on the scene reportedly gave them permission."They were allowed to clean up," said Burroughs' attorney, Brad Thompson. Not the house, but they were allowed to clean up (the garage.)"Laurel Police Chief Tyrone Stewart could not be reached for comment.Buckley would not comment about the scene, saying only that "the focus of the investigation is the interior of the Honda."Over the course of the investigation, Buckley said there has been public pressure to make an arrest.Those plans went awry when they got to the middle of the lake and Sinclair's mother, Madeline Herrington, threw the anchor — and the rope holding it — overboard.

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Officers with the Laurel Police Department arrived on scene, their body cameras turned on.

Sinclair was transported to the hospital and her car towed for evidence.

Since the 48-hour window passed over the weekend, prosecutors had a decision to make Monday morning. "I’m familiar with what the issues are in 'x' column; I'm familiar with what the issues are in the 'y' column.

I have an ethical obligation to look at both sides and wait on test results."After Burroughs was taken in for questioning, his family cleaned the garage.

Sinclair's father, Herrington's ex-husband, met Burroughs the weekend before her death, she said.

Thompson said he did not want to comment on the details of the case "because of the respect that Greg has for her and her family," As questions remain unanswered, Herrington said she just wants to know what happened the night of her daughter's death.

Despite being predominately left handed, Sinclair also could shoot with her right hand, Herrington said. She lived in the Lake Eddins community in Pachuta so she could be close to the water.

"I taught that child how to fish as soon as I could get her in the boat," Herrington said. That was her whole, entire world." In addition to her love of the outdoors, Sinclair was enrolled in nursing school at Meridian Community College.

Herrington jumped in after it and, in one of those stories that becomes family folklore, ended up swimming back to the bank, pulling the boat behind her the entire way with her toddler daughter sitting in the middle of the boat for the ride back.


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