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There is not a day without gossip in the world of entertainment, but the latest rumour to hit online tabloids has left many speechless.

According to International Business Times (IBTimes), Korean actor Lee Min Ho was recently linked to the newly-single Taylor Swift. The rumour that Swift and Lee (or Swift-Lee) are dating seems to have been started after Channel News Asia published an article with suggestions on who Taylor Swift could date after breaking up with Tom Hiddleston, IBTimes reported.

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When he finished his acting and modeling training he started to give audition and got minor roles in various television dramas.

Le got his official debut role in the EBS series Secret Campus; from where he started getting some name and fame.

The latest news about him is that he is the new model for the global fashion brand GUESS. But they were just rumors as they confirm to be best friends not boyfriend and girlfriend.

This tall handsome and dashing young actor must have a girl which he might not have revealed.

In August this year, some entertainment sites reported that the couple had called it quits, but this was refuted by agencies on both sides.

On Tuesday (Sept 20), IBTimes reported that Lee's agency MYM Entertainment has issued a statement dismissing the rumours that link him to Swift.

Different reports have also claimed that Lee Min Ho has broken up with Suzy.

A source from Lee Min Ho’s agency responded, “It’s ridiculous and we are taken aback.” The source laughed at the absurd rumors and stated that the two stars have never even met and is confused as to why this dating rumor was circulated.

An article from Inquisitr discussed Taylor Swift being paired up with Lee Min Ho.


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