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“Of course there was sadness as well, and Taylor was able to really transform that sadness into a celebration.” Swift sang her hit “Blank Space,” and joked, “I wanna talk about the fact that when I wrote this song, I never in my life imagined I would be performing it at a wedding.” June 8, 2016: Swift is doing just fine Days later, Swift was photographed leaving a New York City gym with a smile on her face.“Of course she’s sad about the breakup, but she’s leaning on her family and friends and looking forward,” said a Swift source. She was just in Nashville.” Childhood BFF Abigail Anderson also shared a sweet sentiment with Swift, with an Instagram photo of a card with the words, “My weird heart loves your weird heart.” June 15, 2016: A new romance No one knew what would come next, but no one expected this!

A source close to Harris – whom sources confirm ultimately ended the relationship – told PEOPLE that the breakup “wasn’t a shock” for Swift because the couple had ongoing issues.

“They come from very different worlds,” the source said.

A source close to the couple told PEOPLE that “there was no drama” surrounding the breakup and that “things just don’t work out sometimes. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind was, “Why did this beautiful romance come to an end?!

” A friend of Swift told PEOPLE the relationship ended because Harris was “intimidated” by her success.

Yep, really – nearly all evidence nearly of their beautiful vacations, romantic anniversary gifts and cute double dates were gone.

All that was left was, well, the many screenshots fans took of the photos that will live in our camera rolls forever.

“They will not be getting back together.” June 2, 2016: It’s all good here Things were over, but there was no bad blood – yet.

In a week filled with various reports on the breakup, Calvin tweeted, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect” – which Swift then retweeted.

Not long after the split was announced, Swift made a planned surprise appearance at the wedding of a fan whose mom died before his nuptials.


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