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He shares two children, sons James and Henry, with ex-girlfriends Kim Bordenave and Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, respectively.

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12 września 2003), Maeve Quinlan (w lutym 2002), Ashley Scott (w październiku 2002), Angeliną Jolie (2003-2004), Britney Spears (w styczniu 2003), Demi Moore (w lutym 2003), Nicole Narain (w lipcu 2003), Rosario Dawson (2004), Lindsay Lohan (w listopadzie 2004), Carmen Electrą (2006-2007), Lake Bell (w kwietniu 2006), Muireann Mc Donnell (od maja 2007 do czerwca 2008) i Emmą Forrest (2008-2009).

Farrell był też związany z polską aktorką Alicją Bachledą-Curuś (2008 do lipca 2010)Fred Astaire (1950) • Danny Kaye (1951) • Donald O’Connor (1952) • David Niven (1953) • James Mason (1954) • Tom Ewell (1955) • Mario Moreno (1956) • Frank Sinatra (1957) • Danny Kaye (1958) • Jack Lemmon (1959)Jack Lemmon (1960) • Glenn Ford (1961) • Marcello Mastroianni (1962) • Alberto Sordi (1963) • Rex Harrison (1964) • Lee Marvin (1965) • Alan Arkin (1966) • Richard Harris (1967) • Ron Moody (1968) • Peter O’Toole (1969) • Albert Finney (1970) • Topol (1971) • Jack Lemmon (1972) • George Segal (1973) • Art Carney (1974) • Walter Matthau (1975) • Kris Kristofferson (1976) • Richard Dreyfuss (1977) • Warren Beatty (1978) • Peter Sellers (1979)Ray Sharkey (1980) • Dudley Moore (1981) • Dustin Hoffman (1982) • Michael Caine (1983) • Dudley Moore (1984) • Jack Nicholson (1985) • Paul Hogan (1986) • Robin Williams (1987) • Tom Hanks (1988) • Morgan Freeman (1989) • Gérard Depardieu (1990) • Robin Williams (1991) • Tim Robbins (1992) • Robin Williams (1993) • Hugh Grant (1994) • John Travolta (1995) • Tom Cruise (1996) • Jack Nicholson (1997) • Michael Caine (1998) • Jim Carrey (1999)George Clooney (2000) • Gene Hackman (2001) • Richard Gere (2002) • Bill Murray (2003) • Jamie Foxx (2004) • Joaquin Phoenix (2005) • Sacha Baron Cohen (2006) • Johnny Depp (2007) • Colin Farrell (2008) • Robert Downey Jr.

She decides to put up advertisements on three billboards attacking the police.

Mc Donagh told RTE's Today with Maura and Daithi: "I wanted to write a really strong female lead because the last two films weren't really strong female leads." The writer and director said he currently had no plans to turn any of his own plays into movies. Even mine would be awful, it's simply the rule," he said.

Next week, Colin will appear alongside Denzel Washington in the drama, Roman J. The In Bruges star will also headline the crime-thriller, Widows, in 2018.

He's currently filming the animated classic, Dumbo.The two Irish stars won rave reviews when they appeared in the hit 2008 film, which Mc Donagh wrote and directed.Now the London-Irish writer, who picked up a Golden Globe at the weekend for his screenplay for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, said he was working on another film to bring the actors back together.According to W magazine, the couple have been dating for two years.In the past, Colin has reportedly been with such high-profile celebrities as Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie.happy "I've been working on one over the past couple of years, something to try and get - I shouldn't really say it because it will go crazy on the internet - something to get Colin and Brendan back together," he said.


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