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He had played with poi and had old burn marks on his chest that looked like mild eczema scars; Drew, the beefy bro-ish Vietnamese American guy, with the strong, empathic handshake; Jared, the handsome Jewish guy, who had a bedroomy stare and a fine, slender figure.

There were instructions: “Body language is more important than what you say.” “If you feel nervous, wiggle your toes.

On the next night out, another student, who had a halo of scruffy black hair around his bald head, underwent a makeover, danced with girls, and managed to score a phone number. Often clothed in a sports coat with a dress shirt unbuttoned almost mid-chest, his hair styled into a small quiff, JT has a round, open face and is stockily built. He is 35, from Los Angeles, and Vietnamese American. A skilled flirt, he doesn’t let his physical attributes deter him. He came in wearing a wrinkled military-style shirt that made him look like a reject from the Sgt. He was coming off a long-term relationship and was ready to branch out beyond dating other Koreans.

Raised in a poor family with two brothers and a tiger mom (speaking of stereotypes! Chris, the Filipino from Montreal, probably had more experience with women than the other guys.

After college, he worked as a subcontractor for NASA and the Air Force — literally as a rocket scientist, he said — and settled in Los Angeles. One student, Ken, was Jewish — and was taking the course a second time.

The 20-something sported a nimbus of blonde curls and social skills that deteriorated under a punishing 60-hour work week on Wall Street.Attendees to these intensive seminars will leave with the tools and tactics needed to successfully and legally operate a medical aesthetic facility or medical spa."I opened my medical spa one year after attending Am Spa's workshop.I still have the binder on my desk within easy reach!6 – pm Cocktail Reception 8- am—Breakfast and Registration -9 am Opening Keynote | Speaker: Alex R. The class’s methods and language were taken straight from the pickup artists’ world.JT said he’s had white students like Ken take the course before, which is marketed to not just Asians but also other ethnicities and “not classically good looking” men.


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