Pros and cons of speed dating

And with the GPS navigator, it's easier to travel on our own without having to worry too much about getting lost.

Technology has influenced every area of life, including dating or looking for a potential partner.

The idea eventually spread across America and became mainstream.

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Third, there is a point when you might miss spending time with an actual person and having an opportunity to touch him/her, to look into the eyes, to walk hand-in-hand.

Besides, you all the time meet new people and the seductions are big to start an affair with somebody who is nearby, without necessarily mentioning it to your girlfriend/boyfriend who is too far away.

Sometimes, things seen from a distance are clearer and help us make a right choice.

Second, with the advent of technology, you'll be able to talk with your girlfriend/boyfriend quite often, without having to spend any money.

Third, spending some time on your own is quite beneficial as it might help you discover some new interests or hobbies, realize what you want to achieve in life, in what direction you want to move and what's more.

And once you have a clear goal towards your future, it will be easier to build a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

Second, it's more difficult to make it up after some small arguments you might have on the phone.

Once you argue when you see the person, you can feel his/her mood; after the argument, when you realize that it's partially your fault, you might give your boyfriend/girlfriend some special gift or invite for a concert and apologize properly, while simply saying 'sorry' on the phone doesn't work this way, it's less personal and emotional.

The night starts with people filling out an information sheet.


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