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Key in the weight for that component and click on recalculate button g. Fill in the form and select the aging bucket you want to use for this dunning plan, click next Dunning Plan c.

Go to create dunning plans tab under Collections Method Setup b.

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The scoring harness assigns a value to an object such as a customer, account, or bill to location.

Click finish • IEX: Scoring Engine Harness: You can select up to five scoring engines to run at the same time.

From the Resource Management Form, enter the Username k. Update the template you want to use for your dunning letters e. c) Request ID: This parameters will clean up all the scores generated by a concurrent program request.

For example, you can set it to clean up all scores for transactions.

At a minimum, you must run a scoring engine that scores transactions to create delinquencies; and then run a scoring engine to score the level of your dunning plan (customer, account, or bill to location).

Another score determines whether transactions are delinquent, pre-delinquent, or current. The parameters: a) Score Object ID: This parameter will clean up score history for a single object, ‘Customer/Account/Site/Transaction’. PAYMENT_SCHEDULE_ID AND (TRUNC(SYSDATE) – TRUNC(ARP. Run this program if you do not use historical data. Click on the Group Tab Query Group you created previously Close the form m. Verify reference exist between XDO Template and Collections Query SELECT * FROM IEX_QUERY_TEMP_XREF WHERE TEMPLATE_ID = ; h. d) The recommendation is for administrator to run this at least once a week to clean up transaction histories. Click on Roles Tab (Security & Access) Add the following roles: Collections Role Type Collections Agent Role l. Manage Template query XXX -NL-BE Dun Letter – STG1 XXX -NL-BE Dun Letter – STG2 XXX -NL-BE Dun Letter – STG3 select to_char(sysdate, ‘MM/DD/YYYY’) currsysdate, decode((per.person_first_name


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