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” No matter how you stare back, they will not look away. They’d rather beat the crap out of people they outnumber. Of all of this type I’ve come across in Poland, the one that has stuck with me is a guy on the metro.

He was a big guy, more than 6-feet tall and beefy, but flabby.

Many Polish people have only seen black people on television or in movies or in other media they are fed. I was actually once asked on the street if I am Jamie Foxx I have traveled to a lot of places around the world and I know that even in an interconnected world made smaller by mass communication, transportation and technological advances, in this the 21st Century there are people on Earth who have never laid eyes on a black person.

I accept that I remain “exotic” in many corners of the world.

As soon as I boarded the train he locked his pale blue eyes on me.

His stare was filled with such hate, he never once diverted his eyes away from me.

In South America, with large numbers of people of African descent, I still got stares, mainly because people could tell I was a foreigner and they were simply curious about me and where I had come from.

In Asia, the stares came because I was the exotic one, not them.

Their stares usually looks like a mix of constipation and puzzlement, a struggle to recall where they may have seen you before. Then they will be completely convinced they saw you on BET – late-night.

Okay, so I get that I am the oddball in Poland and as my Polish friends like to gently put it, “exotic” in a land of fair-skinned society still emerging as a player in Europe.

To them you are nothing more than a sexual fantasy.


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