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We discussed current events of our lives, mutual friends, and experiences using their frozen eggs or having problems getting pregnant.

Around cocktails, Kara told two heart-warming stories of friends she knew who suffered from infertility, but in the end got the same result of a baby.


Traditionally women have also wanted to ‘marry up’ to go for someone more successful, financially well off.“There is a major gap – they are literally missing men. In simple terms, this is about an oversupply of educated women.”It’s a similar picture in the UK, where females are now 35% more likely than men to go to university, and while 45% of UK students were female back in 1985, that figure had risen to 54% by 2000. Now, when you’re single and time’s a-ticking, you could probably write a book with the ‘helpful’ comments, questions and advice which seem – unlike eligible men – to grow on trees, whether you’re looking for it or not. Numbers game Ok, defensive sarcasm aside, from an anthropological perspective, it is interesting, and probably useful, to look at dating trends and demographic shifts.

And yes, finding love can be bloomin’ tough and, as anyone who’s ever dipped their toe in the dating pool past a certain age will know, it can be a numbers game (or lack thereof…).

It is nice to find other women, like Radell Peischler and Kara Egber to vent the common frustrations we all faced.

Together in our friendship, we realized we were not alone.

Maybe the shift of online dating to app dating has made quality people seem like a needle in a haystack.

Or maybe others like myself, just don’t have time to play dating games on their phones. we froze our eggs in the hopes to have a family someday.

But superficial generalisations don’t come close to unpicking the real complexities (or sheer chance? ) Here we were agonising over profile photos and the misery of ‘ghosting’, and it turns out getting qualifications is where we’ve been going wrong!

) as to why some people meet their match sooner than others, and one thing women are certainly NOT short of are reminders about those ticking biological clocks. Interestingly, conduct your own study of mature female daters – ideally in the pub after a couple of large Pinot Grigios – and the reasons cited for lack of suitors might introduce a few more points to the mix…Let’s just hope all those University of Life-type blokes are gagging to snap us all up, eh?

I couldn’t help but hear every detail as she described and shared her journey getting pregnant. Despite being in mid-to-late 20s, she struggled for 6-months trying with no luck and then did one IUI with a fertility specialist that resulted in her current pregnancy with her husband. Was I ready for the next steps in life, sure, but I’m only hearing the cliff note versions of this situation. It is easy to feel like everyone else’s life is moving forward meanwhile, my own life is standing still or never changes. I like to blame that on my line of work that keeps me in the air and traveling too fast to meet anyone substantial.

I found myself feeling slightly envious of her situation. Even strangers’ lives were moving forward, I thought. But the real truth is dating is exhausting, disappointing, and feels like a waste of time.

You just melt and sweating makes your feet create horrible blisters in heels.

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