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Or are there no records like this at all that there is public access to? I repatriated a carbine stock from Northern France and found the name and s/n on the sling of the soldier who carried it.

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A guy bought an antique desk with the idea of restoring it best he could and using it in his office.

While he was pulling out the draws he found a stack of letter some guy had written to his brother.

I know most won't track back to having been carried by anyone famous in most cases... so probably almost no one has all original parts - but at least the serial number stays they same as the rifle is remade. :confused: I repatriated a carbine stock from Northern France and found the name and s/n on the sling of the soldier who carried it.

but some may track back to having been part of some pretty significant parts of WWII and Korea... And on top of that they have probably been issued to a string of soldiers. I tracked down his son and confirmed that the soldier did land on D-Day and was subsequently wounded.

As mentioned before, this information can range from the mundane and relatively unimportant (i.e., the rifle was turned into Springfield Armory for refurbishing on a particular date) to extremely important and noteworthy (i.e., a M1896 Krag carbine was issued to a member of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry (Rough Riders) or a M1873 Trapdoor Carbine or Colt SAA was issued to member of the 7th Cavalry and used in the Little Big Horn battle.

Most of the SRS hits are in the former category and, while interesting, hardly constitute a complete history of the gun in question.He gave the guy all the letters his dad had written about him.He and his dad had never had what he thought was much of a relationship.The letters were mostly him telling his brother about family stuff... He tracked down the guy's son by the name on the letters...particularly made possible because it was an unusual last name.When I bought my wife her engagement ring it was what is called a "Provenance ring." This means we tracked the history to when it was made in 1920, what jeweler made it, who first wore it, and the history of how it was handed down in one family until we bought it at an estate sale.


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