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The oceans’ steadily increasing colder temperatures may very well be what killed off the megalodon shark.

Another plausible belief is that the ancient shark’s preferred prey began to migrate to colder waters.

Skeptics feel as if the megalodon shark may possibly be in existence deep down in the ocean.

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However, based on the serration marks found on the “mega” teeth of the ancient shark, it is believed that they also fed upon whales. Unfortunately, due to the fact that not much information has been determined regarding these incredible beings, the absolute reason of why they all died off is unknown.

There are a few theories that would explain the extinction of these animals, however.

Scientists have studied megalodon teeth that were found in Africa, North America, South America, India, Australia, Japan, and Europe.

Based on the locations that these teeth were unearthed, it is the firm belief that they thrived in the world’s warmer waters.

These low temperature waters were probably too cold for the megalodon to survive.

Interestingly enough, there are many who refuse to believe that the megalodon shark is indeed extinct.

The average great white can be anywhere from 15 to over 20 feet (4 to over 6 m) long.

Yes these lengths are pretty impressive, but it does not even compare to the megalodon shark.

Sharks are known for shedding hundreds of teeth on a regular basis; if the megalodon shark was still alive, they would be expected to shed the most teeth out of all of these sharks.


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