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Intelligent people don’t using let good opportunities pass them by, so they’ll likely check all possible ways that someone might be interested in them. First off, you need to read profiles completely until the very last word. Don’t leave an initial – that’s just plain annoying and ridiculous.Some people get offended or feel like they’re “one of many” that you’re communicating with (probably true), and it’s somewhat unappealing to them that you’re trying to connect and reach out to them without knowing anything other than maybe how they look in their picture or their financial status and job. Okay first of all, I’m not going to write much about why a man shouldn’t use flirts, likes, or favourites…Even in regards to those profiles that state for a woman to reach out and send a message.

So they figure that a woman can make the first move if she’s really all that interested.

Personally, I’m a little too old school to make a first move.

Having said that, there are a good percentage of people that will click on your profile so that you’ll see that they viewed your profile, but they’re simply too shy to make that first move by sending a message.

I know, I know, being too shy and not going after what you want in life can stunt a person’s success, but shyness exists, and you don’t want to miss out a good match because you weren’t aware of what a person “could be thinking.” Now for the ladies, like I said, I believe that a man should make the first move, despite what many men will tell you, and how comfortable they’ll be with you making that first contact.

I think a good portion of men still go after what they want, make that first move, and have all of the courage in the world to go up to someone and start up a conversation.

However, I think because of the way that many women have been responding – – many men have become either very picky or simply don’t feel like getting shut down in a nasty way by the women that they approach.

Dating sites should be used as a tool in order to find that one special someone with hopes to possibly share your lives together.

The reason that you need your profile to be visible is because many times people are shy and afraid to make that first move.

It’s important to use the added dating site options whenever possible, and when they’re available to you.


  1. Some find this a barrier to join, fans say it weeds out the casual chancer from those truly looking for love – and means you don’t have to wait to broach tricky topics.

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  3. Reporting users wanting to chat about incest or sex with minors. Reporting users who flood or try to deny others of service. Basically, if you think it might be abuse, please let us know.

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