Lunchtime dating

In the vast and ever-changing world of What Is Stylish, there are a few things that seem to be constants: black always works; brows, lips, and lashes if nothing else; and when it comes to effortless chic and undone beauty, no one is more prized or emulated than the Parisian Woman.

Here in the States, we’ve raised her to near-mythical status, a cloud of Guerlain and tousled bangs that floats past our un-chic lives, never exceeding a size 4.

And, while I admit that I, too, love that image, and a copy of by Inès de la Fressange sits proudly on my desk, I can’t help but feel exhausted at the whole idea sometimes.

She managed to just about keep it together during the chat, but she was tipped over the edge when Phillip said: "Still to come" and she collapsed with laughter and could barely speak.

Holly laughs so hard she drops to the floor to avoid wetting herself In June, the bubbly blonde almost had an accident on live TV after bursting out laughing while presenting a link.

The time Holly and Phil dressed up as a unicorn and The Night King One of the funniest moments of 2017 came when Holly and her co-host Phillip Schofield unveiled their Halloween costumes on This Morning.

Holly, 36, became a unicorn, and Phil transformed into The Night King character from Game of Thrones.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continue to take over the Big Apple.

The couple was all smiles and holding hands after a lunch date at The Sea Grill in New York City on Monday.

Lopez, 47, was the epitome of spring chic in a pastel blue Roland Mouret dress and color-coordinated Jinx Trench coat by AQ/AQ with Casadei heels and Valentino purse.

While Rodriguez, 41, looked dapper in a grey suit and pink dress shirt.

"You're doing it on telly so you don't wet your pants!

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