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He sings: “They just said, ‘Don't go, don't go’ / Well, all this leaving is neverending / I kept hoping for one more question / Or for someone to say, / ‘Who do you think you are? Album closer “One Fine Morning” takes on the same issue — riding out into the sunset — with different results.Here, Callahan finds some small triumph in exile, deciding, “And for I am a part of the road / Yeah, I am a part of the road / The hardest part / The hardest part”.

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Bill Callahan always seems like the smartest guy in the room.

Though his latest albums increasingly feature tried-and-true Americana instrumentation — simply-plucked acoustic guitar, brushed snares, a swell of strings or woodwinds here and there — and though his warm baritone could practically tuck you in at night, he also seems increasingly unknowable.

The music underscores the importance of this realization, building in volume on a parallel path to the narrative’s climax.

Callahan is a storyteller, and he knows how to use his guitar and his pen in tandem to great effect. The gorgeous “Riding for the Feeling” — possibly the album’s finest moment — has Callahan saddling up to leave town once again, though he can’t find a convincing reason to go other than a sense of momentum.

Win-Loss Percentage of team For coaches, minimum to qualify for leading is 50 games.

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Virtually no trace remains of the tenor voice from his early days; if he ventures the high notes at all now, he does so very softly.

His songs are becoming less ingratiating and more profound, each at once lasting a million years and ending before you know it.

All the while, he and his band, draw just the right notes of mourning and longing, piano and guitar, and atmospheric noise all coming together perfectly.


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