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You agree to the upgrade fee because you’re excited to start a conversation. The FTC alleged that the process to cancel was overly complicated, and that even when people took the required steps, they weren’t always successful.

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Friends are on dating sites and are getting real responses left and right and you're getting nothing.

What do you think this does to one's self esteem?

This form sets in motion a dating service series of calls about elite dating...

They won't leave you alone until you come in...

What's wrong with you that no one wants to talk to you?

I know that this is not what the FTC is about, but damage is damage be it financial or emotional and I just wanted to point out that these dating companies do much harm.

Once you’ve made a snazzy profile, you start getting responses, like this: But when you try to reply to these messages, you get this popup: If you’re really curious, you have to shell out for a one month membership. Even worse, according to the FTC complaint, disappointed members were often unknowingly charged again to keep their subscription current.

Fair enough, you think, the site has to make money somehow. Some users who tried to cancel their membership had trouble doing so.

Once there they begin telling you they have the perfect match...

The first form you fill tells them your net worth...

It’s Just Lunch is the #1 Personalized Matchmaking service in the world!


  1. Fortunately, most of these steps can be skipped and competed at a later time.

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