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Cognitec boasts a match accuracy rate of 98.75 percent, an increase of over 20 percent over the past decade. "The naive layman thinks face recognition is out there and can catch you anytime, anywhere, and your identity is not anonymous anymore," says Paul Schuepp, the co-founder of Animetrics, a decade-old face recognition company based in New Hampshire.

"We're not that perfect yet." is the slightly Orwellian industry term for making a print and entering an individual into a face recognition database.

The outcome was pure Kafka, with innocent people being caught in the surveillance dragnet.

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And that's just the beginning of what face recognition technology might mean for us in the digital era.

Over the past decade, face recognition has become a fast-growing commercial industry, moving from its governmental origins—programs like Optic Nerve—into everyday life.

With funding from a coalition of face recognition businesses, SIBA launched in February 2014 to "educate folks about the reality of biometrics, bridging the gap between Washington and the industry," says Kephart, who previously worked as a counsel to the 9/11 Commission.

"The Department of Homeland Security hasn't done anything on this for 16 years.

But to allow that to happen would mean ignoring the increasing danger that it will be misused.

Monitors show imagery from security cameras seen at the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative on April 23, 2013 in New York, NY.Walk up to the international checkpoint in a German airport, gaze up at a camera, and walk into the country without ever needing to pull out a passport—your image is on file, the camera knows who you are. government is in the process of building the world's largest cache of face recognition data, with the goal of identifying every person in the country.Wander into a retail store and be greeted with personalized product suggestions—the store's network has a record of what you bought last time. The creation of such a database would mean that anyone could be tracked wherever his or her face appears, whether it's on a city street or in a mall.The controversial company also brags that its product can identify sex offenders on sight.As the scale of face recognition grows, there's a chance it could take its place in the technological landscape as seamlessly as the i Phone.Facebook already uses face recognition to recommend which friends to tag in your photos. Today's laws don't protect Americans from having their webcams scanned for facial data.

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