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Adding your own unique twists to a classic character makes your costume standout.Día de los Muertos" src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh AQABAIAAAAAAAP///y H5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-src="https://hips.hearstapps.com/sev.h-cdn.co/assets/cm/15/09/54ee6cee857d4_-_sev-hilary-duff-halloween-party-lgn.jpg?

Looks like Ariana the vampire has been up to no good! Grande wore fangs, lots of fake blood and cute pajamas for a casual vampire look.

Her creepy eye contacts definitely make the costume!

Before you freak out that she's using a PS4 controller, Emily (loudly) explained the situation on Instagram: "I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO GET MY N64 FROM MY PARENTS' HOUSE PLEASE EXCUSE THE PS4 CONTROLLER." Tay borrowed Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool suit for her costume.

Martha Hunt dressed as "Martha Brady"; Gigi Hadid was a cub scout; Lily Donaldson was a space cadet; Kennedy Rayé, a cat; Camila Cabello, a granny with a not-so-lost cat; and Emmie Gundler was a black swan. No one thought Colton could top his epic Princess Fiona costume from last year, but he's gone and done just that with this beyond amazing Ursula costume.

Maybe not, but she looks totally adorable in this milk maid costume. Naya Rivera put her own spin on the beloved computer game character Carmen Sandiego.

Swapping Carmen's usual black pants and turtle neck for a more exciting pleather leotard, Naya looks fierce!

If you don’t have ideas yet on Halloween makeup to partner your Halloween costumes, then here’s an idiot’s guide on Halloween makeup ideas for you. How do these girls manage to still look pretty and lovely with those creepy makeup. I’ve seen a lot of this kind of makeup for halloween but this one is far the best and the most neat.

You may check our pinterest board, creative and cool Halloween Makeup Ideas Zombies Halloween makeup will always be popular, so this Halloween scary makeup will be one of the best Halloween Makeup for your Halloween This is one of the most amazing and probably scariest halloween makeup I’ve ever seen today so I thought that it should be first in my list. This one is so amazing that she managed to make the scary halloween makeup suit for her and appear so sexy. Image: 25Media At first I thought this one was photoshopped, edited or something but hey, this is an actual halloween zipper makeup. She attached it on her face using some adhesive and turn herself into this scary and spooky zipper lady. I love how the red colors standout from the dark background, and well of course on the the black costume and makeup. Image: Pure Black Love Skeleton is probably the most popular halloween makeup many people use in order to freak their neighbors and friends on the All hollow’s eve. If you just know how to play with the makeup and know where to stroke it, then you can be a skeleton girl in no time. I thought it was real skeleton but when I looked closely, that was just makeup.

Sarah Hyland and Hailee Steinfeld played their characters perfectfully.

Sarah captioned her Insta and said: "Never in a million years did I think Edie Sedgwick and Miranda sings would be so close. ❤️️" Dressed as Annie, Sarah Hyland proved she's the queen of last-minute costumes.

Coordinate colors, mainly primary ones, to look united and choose pieces with stripes or spots. Get the tutorial and see more at Treehouse Parents.

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