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We use our artististic and woodworking expertise to make your home look its very best.

Whether we’re finishing cabinets or plastering a wall, we always use industry­ quality stains, sealants, paints, lacquers, and glazes on your interior’s surfaces.

Popular looks include faux finishes, Venetian and clay plasters, and interior paints and glazes.

It’s simple: quality work requires quality materials.

At Ray of Light, we uphold our standard of excellence by using only the best materials in your home.

From furniture finishing to fine art, we invite you to add designer accents to your home.

From furniture finishing to fine art, we invite you to add any of the below listed designer accents to your home.

Master Craftsman Ray Hernandez paints most filigree and Trompe L’oeil artwork completely freehand.

Ray’s background in fine art enables him to use texture, shadow, and line to create a visually elegant and artistically impressive result.

Decorative filigrees make eye­catching additions to any home’s entryways, ceilings, niches, and fireplaces.


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