Updating chandelier

We use our artististic and woodworking expertise to make your home look its very best.When working with Ray of Light craftsmen, you can count on the utmost professionalism and respect towards you and your home.

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Decorative filigrees make eye­catching additions to any home’s entryways, ceilings, niches, and fireplaces.

Hand painted chandelier medallions add artistic flair and unify a room’s architectural elements and decor.

Of course, your interior reflects your unique style, so we’re versed in a variety of design styles that compliment your theme.

We use our artistic and woodworking expertise to make your home look its very best.

Master Craftsman Ray Hernandez paints most filigree and Trompe L’oeil artwork completely freehand.

Ray’s background in fine art enables him to use texture, shadow, and line to create a visually elegant and artistically impressive result.

Among his inspirations are Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, and as a whole, the Italian artists of the Renaissance era.

Perhaps your home has a piece of furniture that with refinishing, will become the centerpiece it truly should be.

Consistently providing quality materials, elegant styles, and excellent customer service is the Ray of Light way.

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