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On fourth down, however, Shula* decided to go for it and failed, effectively securing the game for the Patriots.

The act wasn't a breach of NFL rules as there was no rule in place forbidding it.

Dolphins coach DD Don Shula* went apeshit on the sidelines, but Smith made the kick and the refs allowed it. A little known fact about the game from participant and Patriots Hall of Famer John Hannah: "The Dolphins were also offered the use of the snowplow by the head referee to clear the field for their final kick, but with complete indignation and certainty the game would be nullified for the unfair use of it by the Patriots, Coach Shula* adamantly refused to stoop to such tactics" and chose to play as the field lay.

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Do you still think Spygate was the biggest cheating scandal in NFL history? SHARE: TEAM: The New England Patriots SEVERITY: SUMMARY: Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used by players to illegally improve athletic performance above what legal training and preparation can do.

Players who illegally improve their performance unfairly penalize players who follow the rules.

Through the first three and a half quarters, the two teams only attempted two field goals: both unsuccessful.

With just over four minutes left in the game and the Patriots about to attempt another field goal, the stadium snowplow operator Mark Henderson -- who by mutual agreement had been clearing off the yard markers throughout the game -- veered from his line cleaning duties and cleared a spot on the field for New England kicker John Smith.

They not only put those players at risk for physical injury, but they also affect their economic livelihood by impacting their perceived value and their ability to secure appropriately-valued playing contracts.

SEVERITY = 0.5 video cameras per punished incident.

A year later, as a form of payback, the Jets flagged the Patriots for the same activity.

Videotaping your opponents offensive and defensive signals during a game is not prohibited by the league, even today.

However, there are places in the stadium where you are allowed and not allowed to film from.


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