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It can either be provided by the distribution vendor through central repositories (which can contain several thousands of packages, each of which has been specifically built, tested, and maintained for the distribution) or be available in source code that can be downloaded and installed manually.Because different distribution families use different packaging systems (Debian: */ Cent OS: */ open SUSE: *built specially for open SUSE), a package intended for one distribution will not be compatible with another distribution.

However, most distributions are likely to fall into one of the three distribution families covered by the LFCS certification.

In order to perform the task of package management effectively, you need to be aware that you will have two types of available utilities: low-level tools (which handle in the backend the actual installation, upgrade, and removal of package files), and high-level tools (which are in charge of ensuring that the tasks of dependency resolution and metadata searching -”data about the data”- are performed).

There are best practices for approaching chatbots and virtual assistants as organizations move to a scenario where tasks happen transparently behind natural language interfaces. The Internet of Things can drive change in an organization, providing data into a wide range of operational activities.

But that change can require integrating that data into the systems used for key decisions.

In the early days of Linux, programs were only distributed as source code, along with the required man pages, the necessary configuration files, and more.

Nowadays, most Linux distributors use by default pre-built programs or sets of programs called packages, which are presented to users ready for installation on that distribution.

All modern package management systems provide some method of dependency resolution to ensure that when a package is installed, all of its dependencies are installed as well.

Almost all the software that is installed on a modern Linux system will be found on the Internet.

It can install, remove, provide information about and build *packages but it can’t automatically download and install their corresponding dependencies.

Read More: 15 dpkg Command Examples apt-get is a high-level package manager for Debian and derivatives, and provides a simple way to retrieve and install packages, including dependency resolution, from multiple sources using the command line.

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