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Suppose that grandpa, age 90, gets an official-looking email that advises him to immediately change his password.He clicks on the URL in the email and ends up at bankofamerica.q4The "ssl2796" in the name is a Cloud Flare tracking ID in the 136,535 root domains we found that use "standard" (not "universal") Cloud Flare certificates.

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It's a cash cow for everyone, but especially for bad guys.

The same situation exists for anyone who needs a throwaway email address that's nearly impossible to trace.

This page is an excellent imitation of the Bank of America pages he remembers, and there is also that nice little SSL padlock in the corner of the address bar. Probably, because he doesn't realize that he's at a subdomain of q4and is entering his old and new password into a fake page for the benefit of a phisher.

As if the "standard" certificates aren't enough of a problem, there are also over four million "universal" certificates that present bigger problems.

All you need for a free Cloud Flare account is a domain and an email address.

Little countries and even some little islands all have their own top-level domain these days. Many registrars around the world are pleased to sell these cc TLD and g TLD registrations.If so, it would make no difference whether the origin server has its own certificate.Cloud Flare may claim that there is no way plaintext can be accessed from their equipment racks, despite the fact that some sort of decrypt and re-encrypt must occur there due to the nature of their role as a CDN.All of these "universal" certificates include that magical wildcard subdomain that invites so much mischief.Some critics are referring to these Cloud Flare certificates as "fraudulent" because the domain ownership validation (a necessary component of the SSL standard) is achieved only from Cloud Flare's initial access to the zone file.The traffic between the original web server and Cloud Flare remains unencrypted unless the web server owner has his own certificate installed on his machine.


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