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The Haitians are fond of traveling; almost all of their statesmen have either made their studies in Europe or have lived there long enough to be thoroughly conversant with its customs and its political organization.Haitians, as a rule, do not marry late in life; men marry at about the age of twenty-five and women about nineteen.

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One of the characteristic features of the Haitian woman is her strong sense of duty.

As a devoted wife and unrivalled mother she is always prepared to make any sacrifice in order to secure the happiness of her family.

There are men who hunger so for notoriety that in order to obtain it they do not hesitate to resort to falsehoods of the most flagrant type.

The truth is of very little account to a certain class of travelers.

Before a marriage can be contracted, both parties must have obtained the formal consent of their parents, besides having their banns published at their respective places of permanent residence.

The civil marriage, adopted in Haiti at the beginning of her independence, is generally followed by the religious ceremony.

Other striking characteristics of the Haitians are their open-heartedness and straightforwardness; their word may be relied upon, and in friendship they are sincere and devoted.

They are intensely patriotic, although they will be the first to laugh at their own failings and shortcomings.

In the country parts as well as in the towns a stranger is always sure of finding shelter.

One can travel without fear all over the island; no one would think of a traveler, even were it known that he had his pockets full of gold.

In spite of his apparent carelessness, of his fondness for enjoyment, especially in the form of dancing, the Haitian peasant is more thrifty than the men of the towns and cities, the latter as a rule spending all that they can earn.


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