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It comes in the original box with matching numbers, extra spool and the paperwork. nice earlier raised pillar reel marked 'Pennell Reel Co - Phila'' on the front plate. It comes in the original box with a soft Fin-Nor case. Has hard rubber side plates and the click is nice and strong. this is an early version of the Grice & Young Big Game Reel.

Some pitting on inside of spool, Reel is in condition. It is marked 100 on the foot and marked 4 Brothers - Capitol on the front plate.

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A wide range of drag tension is easily managed with a large, knurled knob. Milam & Son, Orvis, Penn International, Pflueger Adam, Pflueger Templar, Pflueger Altapac, Pflueger Kihoga, Philbrook & Paine, Portage Niftee, Saracione, Seamaster Mark II, Seamaster Tarpon, Odgen Smith, Talbot, Wm. Talbot, Talbot Reel Co., Ustonson, Vom Hofe, Edward Vom Hofe, Julius Vom Hofe, Walker Salmon Reel, Walker, Otto Zwarg, and others.

And the carbon-fiber disc-drag systems dissipate heat evenly and are sealed to prevent dirt and debris from affecting performance.

This means that a particular Young’s reel was often known by different names depending on who was retailing it, adding extra interest to collecting them, since the same reel can be often found with vastly different colour schemes and finishes. By 1925, Youngs were making five different reels, none of which bore their name, because they were all sold by other companies, a situation which continued right up to the Second World War, at which point the factory switched its output over to making parts for aircraft instruments and, interestingly enough, the brass surround for the Spitfire gun firing button.

The family threw themselves back into the tackle business in 1946, but with a considerable change in direction - whereas once they had been happy for the Youngs name to remain in the background, it was given a much higher profile post-war.

and three reels marketed by Orvis and known as the Battenkill Ultra-light’ range.

Jim was happier with the idea of working as a subcontractor, so in early 1970, he and Roger Bayliss formed the Swift Manufacturing Company, which built reels exclusively for Shakespeare; this situation continued until they discovered the J. Young & Sons company name was still available in 1983.

and holds 70yds of backing, is marked with serial no.

It was made in England and is marked #108 on the foot. It appears that it is missing a decal on the back plate. 2/3/4 Fly Reel - Reel diameter is 2 7/8", weight is 6.5oz.

Although officially retired Jim still retains his consultant role to Masterline and personally inspects the production up in Tewkesbury.

If you would like to read more, try Elwyn Attwood's , published by the Medlar Press. Young operated as a satellite of Allcock's, to the final days of the old company before it disappeared into the short-lived Top Tackle venture.

Featuring "tool-less" conversion from left to right hand wind, wide ranging advanced fiber composite drag system and 6061 bar stock aluminum construction, this 4 3/8" diameter reel is in Hardy Marquis No.

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