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One respondent commented, “This situation has been exactly one year in the making. I personally know of at least a dozen women that went to John privately to bring up problematic things that were said or done by him while he was acting as OSF ED towards women in the community.

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For my own time and travel to speak at a NYC OSF retreat, I was only comped for my flight—and only after sending 5 reminder emails over 3 months. Dehlin have been brought to tears from how he treated them for privately (in a very small group) expressing concerns about his behavior.

Our witnessing their treatment seemed to me a warning that we would be treated similarly if he perceived our loyalty to be lacking.

ALL OF THESE WOMEN hoped that John would learn and apologize and grow because everyone understands that coming from a patriarchal culture takes time to untangle… People told me about sexist (racist, homophobic) stuff he said or really problematic things he did to others & I shrugged & said, “that’s not my experience with him.

I personally sat with him and told him that it could be an easy fix if he’s willing to apologize and actually start treating women better by certain actions. He doesn’t do that to me.” I did that for a long time.

This does seem to support Kelly’s subsequent assertion that, “I know that institutions never change unless there are real consequences [KK2].” In any event, Kristy Money, “left the Open Stories Foundation in late 2016” [M1] as, apparently, a direct consequence of the retaliatory fallout of the confrontation between Kelly and Dehlin.

On May 20th Kristy Money published an open letter on her Facebook.

I just talked to Kristy Money who does an amazing podcast called Mormon Transitions as part of Mormon Stories AND SHE DOESN’T MAKE A SINGLE CENT. John Parkinson Dehlin if I want to specifically donate to Kristy Money or Gina Colvin’s podcasts & not to Mormon Stories generally, how do I do that? Presumably, Dehlin was angry with Money disclosing that fact that he wasn’t giving her any…

…money for her podcasting labors in behalf of the organization.

Encouragement from the top to give problematic behavior from leaders “a break” sounds too familiar. Our witnessing their treatment seemed to me a warning that we would be treated similarly if he perceived our loyalty to be lacking.” It seems from this statement that the problem is at least serious enough to have a chilling effect upon those within the organization that might otherwise check bad behavior, a dangerous condition organizationally.

Kate Kelly’s subsequent account confirms the existence of this dynamic.

This letter is copied here in full with no editing beyond possible losses of formatting during copying (this source is subsequently referred to as [M1]): Since I left the Open Stories Foundation in late 2016, a lot of people have asked me what happened.

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