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The British also prevailed in India, capturing the major French base, Pondicherry, in 1761.

These campaigns around the globe demonstrated and sustained the range of British power.

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Frederick was his hero, and he speedily ordered Russian forces to cease hostilities.

Isolated, Austria was driven from Silesia and obliged to sign peace at Hubertusberg on February 15, 1763, on the basis of a return to the prewar situation.

Frederick II was born on January 24, 1712, in Berlin, Germany.

He inherited the Prussian throne in 1740 and established control of Silesia in 1745.

In 1762, Spain, with French support, attacked Britain’s ally Portugal, but, after initial checks, the Portuguese, thanks to British assistance, managed to resist successfully.

The maritime and colonial war proved a triumph for Britain, a reflection of the strength of the British navy–itself the product of the wealth of Britain’s expanding colonial economy and the strength of British public finances.

Unlike in every way, Frederick's parents sought to raise him in their own, if totally different, images.

During Frederick's childhood, his mother brought him many of the treasures of the Enlightenment.

The French planned an invasion of Britain, but their fleet was badly battered in defeats in 1759 at Lagos off Portugal (August 19-28) and Quiberon Bay off Brittany (November 20).


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