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Frederick became more interested in using artillery as a key to open deadlocked battlefronts.

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Unlike in every way, Frederick's parents sought to raise him in their own, if totally different, images.

During Frederick's childhood, his mother brought him many of the treasures of the Enlightenment.

Frederick II was born on January 24, 1712, in Berlin, Germany.

He inherited the Prussian throne in 1740 and established control of Silesia in 1745.

The Seven Years' War threatened to destroy Prussia's status, but ended with Silesia still in Frederick's control.

During his time on the throne, Frederick increased Prussia's territories and military power. Frederick was born into the House of Hohenzollern on January 24, 1712, to Frederick William I of Prussia and Princess Sophia-Dorothea—the sister of George II of Great Britain.The Prussian oblique order attack (in which one end of the line was strengthened and used to attack, minimizing exposure to the weaker end) lost its novelty, and the Seven Years’ War demonstrated the essential character of European warfare: the similarity in weaponry, training, and balance between component arms of different armies made it difficult to achieve the sweeping successes that characterized some encounters with non-European forces. The background images for the first seven pages of this site are documents from the National Archives and Records Administration II, College Park, Maryland; the background for the eighth is part of the facade of Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.In 1758 the Russians captured East Prussia, but the bloody Battle of Zorndorf (August 26), in which Frederick lost one-third of his force and the Russians eighteen thousand men, blocked their invasion of the Prussian heartland of Brandenburg.In the following year, the Russians defeated Frederick at Kunersdorf (August 12), the Prussians losing nearly two-thirds of their force; but the Russians failed to follow it up by concerted action with Austria.The couple enjoyed a political marriage and not much else.

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