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As long as you approach the matter as a way to teach your child how to use credit cards responsibility, it could end up being a good thing.For that to happen though, you need to be willing to monitor the situation and teach your child how to use her credit card responsibly.

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If your friend or family member doesn’t pay the bill, you’re responsible and legally liable for any debts they incur on the account.

If the person you’re cosigning for defaults on the account, it means the collector is coming after both of you for payment.

For many years, virtually any college student could apply for and receive an unsecured credit card.

With the enactment of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, which is otherwise known as the CARD Act, things have changed.

I hope you heed these warnings and take them to heart.

Otherwise, you may be risking the relationships and long-term friendships that you’ve spent years building — along with the impeccable credit and financial history you’ve established as well.These days, the vast majority of college students who are under age 21 can’t be approved for credit cards without adult cosigners.The one exception is if they are able to demonstrate that they can independently pay off credit card debt.Cosigned accounts are reported on the cosigners’ credit reports as well as the primary account holder’s.This means you’ll both suffer if the primary account holder doesn’t manage the account responsibly.When you cosign for a student credit card, you are exposing yourself to some serious financial risk. Is she really ready for the responsibility that goes along with an unsecured credit card?


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