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I want you to be encouraged and stand strong in your decision to date while celibate.

Photo cred: [email protected] A woman has to know her boundaries before convincing others she is waiting for sex. Some may disagree, but what’s the point of leading him on?

This is where most women give in and have sex for fear of another woman snatching their man. Give him a time when you are prepared to have sex He is human he’s not going to wait forever!

If he keeps contacting you, tell him there’s no pressure to be in a relationship, you guys can just be friends, but if he wants more of your time you guys have to be exclusive.

But are you in this to become another sexual conquest or his wife?

When the topic of sex comes up with the person you’re dating, explain why you decided to become celibate. You’re looking forward to enjoying sex at the right time and with the right person and you can share that in your conversations. Myles Munroe: “Sex was given by God to help express love, not to create it.” Whether you’re in the beginning stages of a new relationship or you’ve decided to become celibate while you’re already in a relationship, you must be prepared for the consequences of that choice.

The other person may have different standards and expectations.

So, you’ve made the decision to abstain from sex until marriage? You are dating while celibate and you’ve joined many other singles who have made this personal and spiritual choice, including Meagan Good and Tamara Mowry who both decided to become celibate while they were dating.

While I celebrate your courage to make this choice, I know you may feel like it’s almost impossible to find someone who respects your values and is willing to grow with you as you move forward in your relationship.

There was an instant attraction from the beginning and the following week you accepted his invitation for a date. [Read More...]Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Set your mind to achieve the impossible Can you think of a goal that drives you crazy - like totally crazy?

You know the type that no matter how many times you …

If they decide they can’t handle not having sex until marriage, let them go!

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