Anniversary dating gift idea one year

“Africa Gem” has three beautiful diamond and tsavorite rings you can see on

Or you can see a unique tsavorite fire opal and diamond ring and pendant on Ben Bridges website at

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Silver is certainly an appropriate choice for the twenty-fifth anniversary symbols as silver is recognized as a symbol of faith and purity.

Silver jewelry is the first twenty-fifth anniversary gift that comes to mind and there are lots of types of silver jewelry gifts to choose from.

A favorite of many artists the iris was a favorite of Van Gogh among others.

Iris are planted in the late summer to early fall and bloom in the early summer.

A silver picture frame with photo inserted is a thoughtful and beautiful twenty-fifth anniversary gift idea and “Picture this Framed” has a website with a large selection of silver frames at

Or if you are thinking of a frame personally engraved check out the Silver Gallery website at Iris are also ideal flowers for cut flower arrangements so you can order an iris flower arrangement for your partner from com and be guaranteed that they will be pleased.If you want to give a lasting silk iris arrangement you can find iris by the stem or in bouquets at Afloral’s website The nice thing about a silk arrangement is it will last a long time reminding your partner everyday of your wonderful and lasting twenty-five year relationship.Danny Burk has a website offering thousands of flower photos including some beautiful iris shots.Iris plants would make a great and lasting gift if your anniversary is in the late summer or early fall.

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